something about

~ ~ the ocean ~ ~ 

at the end 

hold your clenched fist

to your feet

fall over look at the sun

fall over

cloud gills, fibrous

HEY i’m sick of 

secrets (  )

just send me 


from now on 

just send me 

highways with the walls


with the ivy on them

the ones

i’m a crock pot

a long slow cook

meat falls off the bone

it’s my birthday today

~~~( ^_^ )~~~

I bought a bicycle

assuredly I was taken
its dings its scratches
brakes that kind of work missing one handle

it’s sitting on the other side of the wall
and I’m sitting on this side of the wall

we just had a lovely ride ?

a convo with me
but i’m invisible

just the energy leftover

I say
I don’t care

flowcharts get involved

this orbital lifestyle gratuity