suddenly you’re on the other side of a river and you used to be on the other side and there’s no way back you didn’t even know u swam it


Castle Island, Roscommon, Ireland


Castle Island, Roscommon, Ireland




The curvature of neck vertebrae

Morality of video gaming

Seven billion

The reality of love



The last leaf

Make posters for my favorite band that never will play. Hang them on the bottoms of passerby’s feet. This please the tiniest sections of sidewalk, and as a result it is done. The bushes in the backyard almost finish their novel but my landlord has them dug out. I can’t even tell them goodbye or read their first draft. The pages are littered everywhere: in other trees, in the homes of the elderly, in my sister’s hair follicles. Most importantly on desks across the nation. Gather up my last posters and read each one aloud in the main square before I burn them with matches. Give the ashes of the paper to a redheaded baby who whispers, “You used to already know” and then I am the bushes.

is it dancing

i don’t really move

is everyone’s inside this way?

we all like this music right?

it’s spilling

i’ve lost it now

i am never challenging enough

2 skeletons
death comes for us all

I like that

I’m not overthinking it

it’s already too late

I made a decision once

Then I said

There will be only light

like in kelp forests now

I am the hero now

Let’s get Thai food

This is a shit poem

I’m wishing for YUNG LUV
I am so supermassive

It’s a tale of ancients
This alternative love medley